In 2011, Michel Gambier will celebrate 49 years of breeding. During this period he produced over a dozen working champions, over 42 french or international titles , including those of the legendary Bill de Langeron, who died prematurely after having conquered one of the most beautiful prize list in the history of the race.

Michel Gambier, Langeron kennel (Magasin No. 80 CFBA, 2002)
"When and how did you start the breeding ?
I bought in 1962 from the the North a bitch, Diane (Nebuleuse de l'Erica) wich I mated, under the advice of D. Covolo, with the czech imported dog Alfo od Cihachu. This first litter gives me Polka de Langeron, my first champion; his brother Pollux produced in D. Covolo kennel, Ulis du Mas de la Combe, exports to Italy, has been a great stud dog after having won several champion's titles. .. I became interested in field-trial on the advice of my friend J. Renard, a great breeder of English Setters, affix of Port Arthur, who also lived at Montoire and had seen work Polka.
At the time, you do not presente your dogs yourself ?
I always prepare and train my dogs myself, but I was not quite available at the time, so my dogs were presented by Rene Piat, then by his son Jean Claude and D. Covolo. As I could not finance the presentations, I produced one or two litters per year, and I paid my trainer with puppies ... At one of my first presentation, at Paray-le-Monial, I got a CACT absolutely without knowing what it has corresponded, and I found myself at the barrage with Polka, opposite Pepee du Mas de la Combe of D.Covolo!

Long time you have keeping only females ?
I had, like today, a female who compete in field, and a female for breeding. Polka mated by Uker du Mas de la Combe, produced Ira, champion too, and Ira has produced with Inti de la Mare aux Loups, Magot (CHT Italy) and Mascotte. I then crossed twice Mascotte with Oscar de Samflo; first litter gave Star, and the next Udine, Urka,Uthus and Ulla, exported to Italy.

CHT,G.T.CHT, Elite B- Mascotte de Langeron

MultiCH, Elite A- Oscar de Samflo

CHT, Elite B- Udine de Langeron

CHT/CPS,CHT/CPC, Elite B- Uthus de Langeron
CHT, G.T.CHT,Elite B- Urka de Langeron
Italian adventure begins ...
In Italy, Ulla had been crossed by G. Passini with Ali della Chiusa, a son of Tintin du Mas de la Combe, which had given an exceptional dog, but died prematurely, Vampir di Pra Capone. So I went to Italy where I took two mating of Ali, one of Udine, which gives Bill and Belle, and the other on Star, which gives Calin, National and International Working Champion.

CHT Tintin du Mas de la Combe

CHT Ali della Chiusa
CHT Vampir di Pra Capone

8xCHT ,Elite A
Bill de Langeron

CHT/CPS, Elite B
Belle de Langeron
CHT/FTP,CHIT, HollandCHT, Belgium CHT, Elite B
Calin de Langeron
Why going to look for breeding in Italy ?
Because at the time, I could not find in France what I wanted. So I followed the advice of Covolo-which accompanies me on the place - and Passini, it also allowed me to find the blood of Tintin, an exceptional breeding too.

I went back twice later in Italy with Udine I did cover by CHT Sioux di Pra Capone and Simba, the son of a Vampir from above: had come full circle! All these have given several trialers and CHT, especially Etoile Filante, Houlette and Heutche.

CHT Simba

CHT/FT P A, Elite B, Etoile Filante de Langeron

CHT/FT P A, Elite B, Houlette de Langeron
CHT, Tr. Heutche de Langeron
At that time you had retired, which allowed you to devote yourself 100% to the competition and present males.
Yes, with Bill at first, then with his successors. It should be noted that at the death of Bill, I've never used myself as stud, but I did freeze his semen at ENV Maisons-Alfort. Following various circumstances, I first retrieves a son of Bill,
Diego de Ve l'Ubac, then a son of the latter, Hardy, himself from a daughter of Udine with double champion , Urbino du Bois Chambray. Finally, I keep Jab. also son of Diego with Etna, a daughter of Sioux di Pra Capone and Udine. Bill, Diego, Hardy and Jab are now under my leadership International Working Champion, in addition to their national titles.

Diego de Ve l'Ubac(son of Bill de Langeron)

Hardy(son of Diego & Dina de Langeron)
Jab de Langeron(son of Diego & Etna de Langeron)
So you used the inbreeding ?
I systematically made more or less inbred litters from about 1985, with excellent results.
Do you have any other "recipes" to explain your success ?
All litters are systematically raised to the house in the kitchen, until about 5-6 weeks. It's my wife Colette, who selects puppies we keep going! She was, for example, who spotted Bill the first ...
And what are your criteria of choice ?
First of all, the balance is essential: a puppy should be neither timid nor hard and must be simply intelligent, flexible nature, and seek to giv
e pleasure. I selected the stud dogs, and dogs that I keep in the same criteria: first the balance, then the nose, the aptitude for training and style.

Jadee de Langeron
CHT/FT A, Elite B

L'Or de Langeron
L'As de Langeron
Nanou de Langeron
What is the best dog you've produced ?
Bill is, of course! In addition to rest, he had a sense of the land and game out of the ordinary: in field, while it was leashed, before his journey, he observed and analyzed the field and when I let him go, he knew already or could find game, and went directly there! In another, he was particularly affectionate and has always sought to please. He never made me a "dirty trick" during a journey, not a single hare ran throughout his career ...

- dob 05.07.1986, the youngest Champion of all time.
A Kurzhaar Selection.
- Elite A

- International and France working Champion at the age of 21 months
- CHIT, CHT, CHT/QCH, CHT/CPS, CHT/CPC, Belgium CHT, Holland CHT, Yougoslavy CHT (4 titles won in first year)
- Winner of the french regularity of work in 1988 and 1989
- Excellent in work and beauty, season 1988
- Winner of the challenge UNACA, best kurzhaar
- Winner of the challenge CNB on Woodcocks
- Winner of challenge-the radar echo of the forest- best continental dog with wins in all disciplines throughout the year 1988
- European Spring Working Champion for continental breeds 1990

And your best female ?
Undoubtedly Udine, not content with being the mother of Bill and Belle, was mated 4 times, and has produced champions and trialers in all litters.
What are the dogs that have most impressed you during your career ?
I saw many good dogs, some great, but only three really great: Inti de la Mare aux Loups, Bill and Vidoc du Bois Sonel.
Your livestock has been affected by epidermolysis. How did you discovered this disease ?
It appeared to me for the first time in a litter realized by artificial insemination of Bill with his daughter Heden. I then brought up to show the sick puppies to Dr. Gaguere, who worked on this disease and who then described. Subsequently, it turned out that it was a genetic disease, and Bill and other dogs in my kennel could have been carriers. In association with J.G.Bonhomme(de la Porte de Becray), I then provided blood samples and the sick puppies at Inserm who has been able to develop the test that we use today. Without this test, all my work as breeder would have been useless ...
Where is Langeron today ?
I have acttuellement 4 dogs, all non-carriers, two females, Rafale and Pouloutte and two males, Mutin and Royal Bill.

Royal Bill de Langeron
Elite A, CHIT, CHT, CHT/FT P, CHT/FT A, 2xBelgium CHT

Mutin de Langeron
CHT, Elite B

The future is therefore responsible ?
Yes, because Royall Bill is extremely prommising. Since Bill, he is the dog I had who resembled him most. He naturally knows everything, and it has already a large prize list for his age. Her sister Rafale is also very bright, but less precocious.
What advice would you give to a breeder ?
We must choose puppies and breedings in lineages known, not use a very titled champion, but out of nothing ... must also select spring dogs because the spring competitions are the only ones that proofs highlight the natural qualities . Then, we must focus the balance of character and aptitude for training. Today we have in France 5-6 lineages that have such qualities, and it is not necessary to seek further."

Royal Bill- CACIT of St.Just ,speciality kurzhaar, Spring 2002

Uri - CACT ,field trial of Ile de Re

Uri it is the last dog that M. Gambier owned, trained and presented