date of birth : 5 th of May 1966
Prune was prodeced in the first litters of Haille au Loup kennel and became soon working Champion in field trial. She was mated with Emir z Kostomlatek and give birth to the most famous GSP from all time in France :Titan de la Haille au Loup, a great dog, World Champion for beauty and work, top producer and father of 99 champions in first 3 generations.
Prune's Pedigree:

TR. Malin de Lemania
Axel v. Wasserchling
Axel v. Falkenried
Nixe Rheimelbe
CH.T. Iota de Lemania
Int.CH Basco v. Ilenbeck
Burga de Lemania
CH.T.,France CH G.T.
Nina von Maret
CH. Isar
Ferra v. Wesertor
Lucky von Maret
Fram v.d. Zehrenacht
Flica de L'Yerne
CHT Prune de la Haille au Loup
The birth of the most famous etalon: Titan de la Haille au Loup (first from left)

Titan 's father :

Emir Kostomlatek
Bor Z podmocke roviny
Don Z kraje palackeho
Irea Od kreskeho rybnika
Belka Z kostomlatek
Ratz Pottmes
Fera Z vestce