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Elevage Champreval -FR

Braque allemand -FR

Van Ryckevelde - Belgium

Venator Magnus - Poland

O'Kaj kennel - HR

Groswardeinjagers - RO

Oberon-Haus - RO

Kelly's Black Favorite - Holland

Chasseur Inne - Ro

Boris Overbiel - Holland

Avaline kennel -YU

Golo Brdo kennel -Yu
Pointer Anglais:
Du Pic del Pedigueiro - France
Autres races :

Nos Beaucerons

Wolf Point -Siberian Husky & American Akita

Silverlight -Siberian Husky

Champreval -Beauceron

RoxiCocker -English Cocker

Le Domaine de l'Hirondelle -Chinese Crested Dog

L'Eclipse Royale -Yorkshires

Royal Bird -English Setter












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